Hi to everyone. I’m Jeska !

I hail from Detroit, rustbelt terrain of Polish food, salt mine stalagmites, and the birthplace of techno music. During my undergraduate years at the Uni. of Detroit Mercy, I studied English and film/photography, wrote for numerous print and online publications, and developed a plethora of websites before it was cool. I also served as Detroit’s unofficial, resident urban archaeologist, exploring and documenting Detroit’s stunning yet abandoned Michigan Central Train Station.

After a few years spent working a multitude of various jobs for now-defunct dotcoms, I headed westward, ho, to Denver, where I spent two years as an impoverished graduate student in Digital Media Studies.

The next chapter of my life took me further westward to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I first worked at the San Jose Museum of Art as resident Web Maven/Marketing extraordinaire. Then it was a bit further north/west to San Francisco where I’ve been living in the city by the Bay.

From 2004-2010, I worked with Linden Lab on the very cool Second Life (virtual world) project. After that I went to Wikia, where I helped to foster some of the most passionate online communities on the planet.

Since then, I’ve worked with other awesome online communities including Coffee & Power, CreativeLive, Campus and currently TheBoardlist.

I adore a fancy craft cocktail and write about cocktail recipes, ingredients and other cocktail related fun over at my blog Geeks With Drinks.

Check out my most recent project: 30 days of art!

 – Jeska Dzwigalski Kittenbrink