Quarantine Crafting: Tie Dye at Home

We’ve been sheltering in place since March and WOW are my arts and craft skills being put to the test.

Last week, my oldest and I tried our hands at tie dying a bunch of white shirts. It’s been a LONG time since I tie dyed anything (maybe high school?) so we watched a few YouTube videos first. Thankfully, tie dying is a very forgiving craft and we were pretty excited with the results.


I ordered a few shirts from Target and they arrived all clean and full of possibility.

White shirts!

Time to Tie Dye

We did a few different styles, the classic “spiral”, the “bullseye” and the “crinkle” — for my shirt, I did a combo crinkle and hand-painting look that turned out really cool.

Hand painting rainbow!
Happy kid!
We let them sit for about 20 hours before washing them out!

The Rainbow of Results

Super excited with how everything turned out — my little rainbow loving guy in particular loved the bright colors!

We used all of the dye I bought, so I immediately ordered some more so we could finish off the white shirts we bought. Plus, as soon as I posted the photos to Facebook, my mom wanted us to make her one too! Will let ya’ll know how round two turned out.

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