I adore WorkshopSF. It’s gritty and affordable. They always have fun classes and great instructors. It’s an easy way to learn a new DIY/Crafty skill and they also have beer. WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

So, when I saw the screenprinting intro class, I knew I had to jump on it. I’d done a little bit of screenprinting in a past class about 15 years ago, so I knew the process was pretty easy. WorkshopSF has a TON of cool screens available for you to use in the class, all you had to do was bring your own shirts, bags, towels, etc (or purchase them there) and learn how to use the screens.

I went a LITTLE crazy at the Target on my way to class, I knew I wanted to make screenprint shirts for presents for a lot of my friends and family.

Screenprinting turns out to be one of those skills that is easy to get the hang of (at least the printing part) but requires some serious practice to perfect. In the future, I’d love to learn how to ‘burn’ my own screen with custom art (we just used the ones already made) – since I’m sure that is way harder, it’ll probably require another class or two 😉

Here’s what I made:

My haul of screenprinting goodness.

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