My friends and I have a joke about that feeling you get when you’re about to leave a job that you’re just all done with – we call it “entering the freedome“. That tickle in your stomach that reminds you that regardless of how much time you’ve spent working for the man, your life is still your own.

Don’t get me started about the means of production, the power of the workers. College was a long time ago, but my first day the English Professor who would, years later, grow to be my life-long mentor, told me flat out that I was a Marxist. Yeah, well, probably. I mean, I grew in the Detroit metropolitan area, land of strong unions and stronger work ethics.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few weeks hanging out in the freedome. Instead of hustling to find the next gig, I’ve decided to take some time and learn more about myself and about making stuff.

While I consider myself creative, I’ve never considered myself exceptionally good at any one thing. A curious generalist to the end. While this is great for tinkering and hacking, I’d like to explore more about various fine arts and crafts and find my niche.

I’m tentatively calling this project 30 Days of Art Classes – since my initial idea was to cram 30 different art/craft classes into one month. That has proven to be a bit difficult to get started with, so I’m just going to leap and figure out the next steps…well… next.



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