Community Management: A Primer

I compiled this a bit ago, there are many, many more resources out there and this is by no means a complete list. I think of more as a curated list of best practices.

1. Introduction to Community Management: Why?

The following blog posts, articles, and presentations provide a clear high level overview of the established role of Community Manager online.

Community Manager Job DescriptionConnie Bensen
Updated version of her 2008 blog post on the same topic,  Connie outlines some of the key roles, responsibilities and qualifications Community Managers often need. Great intro to the role.

What does a Community Manager Do?Dawn Foster
Dawn has compiled a GREAT overview presentation on Community Management, her blog is also a fab place to learn more. This preso states most work falls under 4 top level areas:

  • Facilitation
  • Content
  • Evangelism
  • Evolution

Guide to Online Community Management ReadWriteWeb
RWW offers a $300 research report, which is a great investment. There is a sneak peek pdf available if you’re not sure, excerpt:

The ideal community manager personality: “Passionate, but without letting it get out of control. Thick-skinned, but not cruel or insensitive. Driven, but still interested in helping others. Personable, but always professional.” – Dan Gray

2. Introduction to Community Management: How?

The below links offer best practicesand tips on managing an online community.

10 Commandments of Community Management – Amy Muller @ Get Satisfaction
Playful keynote presentation exploring what you should (and shouldn’t do to cultivate a happy, healthy community.

Five Myths of Community ManagementAmber Naslund
Demystifying Community Management, some great tips. Also recommend the comments, good conversation with additional tips.

How to Kick Start a CommunityJeremiah Owyang
Great list of community boot-strapping, nice overview of best practices in getting started.

3. Community Management: Deeper Dive

The below includes deep dives into some of the more intricate subjects in community management.

Coaching a CommunityLaura Brunow Miner
Thoughtful blog on community building, communicating, guiding/coaching and effective incentives.

The Iceberg Effect of Community ManagementRachel Happe
Post exploring the “hidden work” involved in building a community. If you’ve got time, skim her other blog posts and check out The Community Roundtable a peer network for Community Managers (they have a free-level membership).

Community Managers Must Deliver ROI –  Jeremiah Owyang
Metrics are the bread and butter of community management.

Community management: The ‘essential’ capability of successful Enterprise 2.0 effortsDion Hinchcliffe
Enterprise focused article encouraging community management within biz. Includes a fantastic graphic highlighting the skills “Jack (Jill) of all Trades” Community Managers tackle.

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