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Don’t Feed the Haters: The Confessions of a Former Troll' target='_blank'>

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Honey Maid responds to negative comments about their “wholesome” ad campaign, which contained pro-LGBT and other diverse families. Or what shall be forever known as “The best response to negative youtube comments of all time” (at least so far). (Source:

<blockquote>While there are many aspects of community management, determining what is valuable for community managers to work on is key</blockquote> <div class='attribution'><p><strong>Jason Hibbets</strong></p> <p>ROI is often a tricky thing in Community Manager land, being VERY clear about what you’re doing and how you’re tracking success/fail is so important.</p> <p>More great stuff for 2014 from Jason Hibbets on <a href="">Five community management tips for 2014 by </a></p></div>