Last year, I was lucky enough to spend a few days learning about scrapbooking with Nicole Samuels while working at CreativeLive. She taught a class about how to scrapbook your baby’s first year. It was pretty cool and I really liked the fun supplies that Studio Calico provided for us (referral link). I signed up for their ‘Scrapbook kit a month’ program and have been trying to keep up with my baby’s first year plus ever since.

I’ve been making my own cards for some time, but wanted to learn a few new methods, so I signed up for Studio Calico’s “Halloween & Thanksgiving Cardmaking class” which consisted in a bunch of training videos created by their instructors. I learned about embossing (which is so-very-cool), misting and other next level stamping techniques, and even created fun interactive cards with shaker windows and pop-ups (which were surprisingly easy to do after the bookmaking classes!).

Below are a few examples of the 20 or so cards I’ve created to send out for Halloween – I highly recommend Studio Calico’s classes if you’re looking for an easy way to learn cardmaking, scrapbooking or other paper design classes. I’ve found that online classes are a great way to supplement my real life art classes, and they rarely get cancelled for low-sign ups (which has happened several times already for real life classes!).

Thanksgiving Card



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